2013 New Year, New Challenge

In the large scale projects, for the 5th Consecutive time Set linings has been awarded the Refractory Installation of the Anode Baking Furnace in the Aluminium Smelters World, starting with the Qatalum Project in 2008/2009.

At the time the largest single phase Green Field built in the world, followed by EMAL Project 2009/2010 that, as the previous project become to be known as the largest single phase Green Field ever build.

Ma’aden Project that again is beating the record for being the world’s Biggest Single Phase green Field Project ever.

The project consists in the refractory Lining of 2 (1×50 + 1×66 Section) Furnaces of AP Technology™ and the volume involved is approximately of 24.000m“ that corresponds to ±35.000 Ton of Refractory Materials to be installed.

The Biggest Smelter in the world

Now the EMAL 2 expansion project with four fires, 68 sections and nine pits per section, this furnace will have the capacity of about 330kt/y using AP Technology.

Mobilization Started in January 2013 and will be completed in July 2013.

Set Linings at its Best!