Human Resources


SET LININGS has a skilled, dynamic and diversified workforce, supervisors and managers representing over 14 nationalities. 7L is committed to meet the highest environmental standards and zero harm policy.

SET LININGS believes that the biggest contribute for the achievement of our sustainable development goals must come from our people’s involvement and support. For this reason, SET LININGS is committed to provide all of its employees a safe and healthy workplace where they can fully develop their potential.

Ruben Nascimento
“Our management constantly reminds us of our responsibility towards our own safety and others’ safety. We know “Safety starts with us.”
Ruben Nascimento
SET LININGS Bricklayer

Luís Ribeiro - SetLinings Project Manager“The success of our projects depends on our commitment to safety, creativity and flexibility; the capacity of adapting to the constant changes in the projects, without compromising safety and taking into account quality, schedule and bugdget, with the team spirit required is a key factor to help our employes and our costumers to be happy.”
Luís Ribeiro
SET LININGS General Project Manager

Armandino Trindade“Safety and quality are my main concerns as a Site Manager at SetLinings. Arriving home to my family with the certainty that we’ve delivered  to our clients without harming anyone high-quality, is what drives me every day.”
Armandino Trindade
SET LININGS Site Manager

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