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  • 13.05.13 » 10th CATOFIN/CATADIENE – Technology Conference

    SET LININGS Italy participated on the 10th Catofin/Catadien Technology Conference presenting to all attendees a new Anchor and Suspended Brick Roof System to be applied on the Catofin reactor. [...]

  • 13.05.13 » Alstom Power Plants

    Alstom Boiler Deutschland GmbH awarded to SETLININGS as turn key project “engeneering, delivery of material and instalation” of LFB for the Termoelektrrna Sostanj in Slovenia.   Alstom Power Massy France [...]

  • 13.05.13 » Aluminium Dunkerque a World Record

    After more than 20 years in operation, Aluminium Dunkerque is renovating it’s anode banking furnace and implementing the latest AP Technology improvements for refractory materials and furnace design. Rio Tinto [...]